Dynalectric Oregon believes that all incidents have the ability to be prevented, and that the tone of each job is set by supervisors. The single most important component of Dynalectric Oregon’s safety culture is the training of the company’s field supervisors. 

By modelling the correct behaviors and encouraging constant awareness of safety, these key individuals empower all Dynalectric employees to speak up if they feel they are in an unsafe working environment. Additionally, proper training allows field supervisors to spot potential dangers and create a safety plan that minimizes or eliminates them completely. 

In 2017, Dynalectric’s new Safety Manger, Russell Barber, introduced the First 30/First 90 safety program. This program targets the workers most susceptible to injury: those new to the industry (material handlers and apprentices) and those new to a specific job site. In just one year, this program has reduced injury among this vulnerable population by more than 20%. Dynalectric fully anticipates the reduction rate will fall even lower as program “graduates” become experienced Dynalectric employees.

At Dynalectric, safety is everyone’s responsibility. This commitment has enabled to the company to win the Recognition of Achievement in Safety Excellence Oregon-Columbia Chapter of NECA for the past four years straight, 2017 through 2020.