Oregon Health Sciences University Marquam Hill Campus

Portland, Oregon

ohsu_marquam.jpgScope of Services:

  • Basement generator upgrade
  • 4th floor A & B-wings - MRI suite
  • 5th floor B-wing AM admitting
  • 6th floor two MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery) suites, lab area, and PACS upgrade
  • 7th floor A & B-wings intensive care units
  • 7th floor C-wing critical care
  • 8th floor A-wing physical therapy/CT scan unit
  • 8th floor B-wing auditorium/lobby
  • 8th floor C-wing 20-bed cardiac care unit
  • 9th floor A-wing main entrance to hospital/skybridge to the Doernbecher Children's Hospital, and B-wing admitting/admin offices
  • 11th floor IV nurses office remodel
  • 12th floor neo-natal care unit
  • 13th floor A & B wing ortho-trauma unit
  • 14th floor A & B wing general surgery