Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge

St. Johns, Oregon

burl_north_proj_rr.jpgThis 4,000-ton bridge is the longest and heaviest double-track vertical-lift span in the world. It weighs 8,000,000 pounds and contains 250,000 bolts. It allows 560 feet of passageway between the two piers, thus providing a much wider channel through which larger ships may pass.

Our electricians worked to wire the two towers in place on the river, while the span itself was being constructed in dry-dock.

The new span is operated by programmable controllers and raised with two 250-horse power DC motors plus two stand-by generators, a 350kw and a 40kw. Upon completion, the lift-span was floated down the river and brought into position and elevation for assembly onto the bridge.

We worked around-the-clock for 72 hours to cut power on the swing-span, install the lift-span and make it completely functional and operational.