Alternative Energy

Rooftop view of solar panels on a commercial property.The Oregon division of Dynalectric Company (Dynalectric Oregon) offers a range of sustainability services—including consulting, installation, and maintenance—designed to help you take full advantage of today's most popular renewable energy solutions.

First, our experienced team works with you to specify each of your facilities’ energy requirements. With these insights, we can customize strategies that meet both your power and budget needs.

Then, in partnership with leading-edge manufacturers, our team develops solutions in accordance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) specifications, as well as our own rigorous quality standards.

Our goal is to help provide the energy systems you need for efficient facilities operation, while maintaining comfortable and productive environments at lower cost.

Our Services Include:

  • Car charging stations
  • Fuel cells/biomass systems
  • Solar array location surveys
  • Review and design of power needs and solar arrays
  • Solar array and inverter warranty
  • Review roof structure for wind load and dead load capacities
  • Tax credit and rebate estimates
  • Assistance with Energy Trust of Oregon application
  • Coordination of utility and Energy Trust of Oregon inspections
  • Projections of 20-year kilowatt hour production
  • Assistance with net metering agreement with utility provider
  • Systems testing, training, and commissioning
  • Full-service maintenance and repair

To discuss sustainability solutions available to you, contact us today.