Electrical Testing and Maintenance

Electrician providing maintenance services at a clients facilityThe Oregon division of Dynalectric Company (Dynalectric Oregon) offers a full suite of electrical testing and maintenance services to help identify system malfunctions and fix them before they become emergencies.

From standard and manufacturer-recommended procedures, to equipment-specific and specialized testing, we provide the information you need to make sound maintenance decisions.

Comprehensive Routine and Specialized Testing

To help avoid maintenance emergencies and promote optimal infrastructure performance, we offer routine testing:

  • After new equipment installation to verify correct installation
  • To establish baseline standards when recording performance data for legacy equipment
  • In periodic, manufacturer-recommended intervals to track performance and determine maintenance needs

We also develop customized testing programs tailored to your facilities’ unique needs, considering factors like local electrical regulations, equipment types, and building age. Our custom testing includes:

  • Specialized testing schedules
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Analysis of asset anomalies
  • Digital, customized reports
  • Coordination with facilities personnel

A Full Range of Testing Options

Our team performs a variety of standardized and specialized tests specific to your electrical systems. While not required by the National Electrical Code, most of these tests are considered industry-standard best practices. Some of our common testing procedures include:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Battery testing
  • Power monitoring
  • Contact resistance
  • Insulation testing
  • Over-current protection

Results-Based Electrical Maintenance

Testing helps us make informed decisions about the best possible services for your electrical systems.

If testing results indicate an issue with your equipment, our staff can recommend and perform preventive maintenance to help ensure it continues to run smoothly.

To learn more about our electrical testing and maintenance services, contact us today.