Dynalectric’s Healthcare Division is built around the mission of the Healthcare provider and is focused on the occupied healthcare environment.

Within the healthcare industry, Dynalectric’s goal is to deliver top quality electrical systems, with no visibility or impact to patients, doctors, or support staff. Patient safety is a top priority, and Dynalectric’s procedures help ensure there is zero chance for unscheduled power outages, disruptions, or other impacts related to the construction and maintenance of electrical systems.

Dynalectric teams have experience preparing and installing electrical systems for the most technologically sophisticated healthcare equipment being deployed today. Due to the critical nature and sensitivity of hospital environments, Dynalectric employs only the most experienced electricians on the healthcare crew. On a daily basis, Dynalectric Healthcare Division employees live and breathe the protocol, work rules, and processes required.

Dynalectric’s Healthcare Division services include the installation and maintenance of:

  • Power, lighting, and lighting controls
  • Teledata
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Nurse call systems
  • Complex medical systems
  • Standard x-ray imaging suites
  • PET-CT fluoroscopy
  • MRI machines and intraoperative MRI systems

To learn more about Dynalectric’s Healthcare Division, or to ask about any of Dynalectric’s services, contact us today.