Dynalectric Oregon’s Technologies Division is focused on providing customers with state-of-the-art cabling infrastructure solutions that support both single and multi-floor tenant buildings, large multi-building campus environments, and mission critical data centers.

Structured cabling is often defined as the design and installation of cabling systems that support multiple forms of data transmission. When done properly, structured cabling design considers both current and future needs, so an organization’s infrastructure can handle growth at any rate. Structured cabling design and installation often includes proper grounding and bonding, firestopping, and cable support hardware.

The technicians at Dynalectric understand the vital role that communication networks play in information management. Experienced professionals provide reliable and flexible data and telecommunications cabling infrastructure solutions that deliver data to clients over a variety of transmission technologies.

Building Industry Consulting Service International- (BICSI) certified installers work to successfully implement structured cabling and voice and data systems design and installation for businesses of all sizes.

Structured cabling solutions include:

  • Wireless access point installation
  • Designing, installing, testing, and maintaining fiber-optic systems, specializing in fusion splicing, multi-mode and single-mode fiber-cable termination, optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) testing, power meter and light-source testing, and various other types of repair work.

A rich history of structured cabling experience

Since 2002, Dynalectric has provided low-voltage solutions that address the industry needs of clients across the Pacific Northwest. By staying up-to-date with the latest technological innovations and best installation practices, Dynalectric provides benefit to the end-user through design input that has been proven to be cost effective and future proof.

To learn more about Dynalectric’s structured cabling or other technology service offerings, please contact us today.